Crytocoins.biz Review | A Mind-Blowing Income or a Scam?

by Kevin Berry
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Would you like to earn 150% in just an hour? No, we are not talking about a lottery. Just invest with Crytocoins.biz and get a mind-blowing income. Do such offers seem like a scam to you? For us, too. Let’s see what investors write in the reviews about this project and whether such profitability is not a fraud.


🏛️ Country
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website crytocoins.biz
🎲 Demo Account No
⏳ Start Time 2022
💲 Minimum Deposit $30
⚖️ Yield 150-200%
⚙️ Investment Term 1 hour
📨 E-mail support@sitename.com
📞 Phone

First Impression of Crytocoins.biz

When we first visit the site, we immediately understand that we won’t work with a serious investment company. The design is rather fun. There are a lot of unnecessary distracting elements on the pages; for example, rockets. There is little information about Crytocoins.biz. Investment conditions are described superficially. As a rule, HYIPs like to create such sites. However, it is unlikely that the hero of our review is any different.

Crytocoins- website

Partnership and Bonuses

Crytocoins.biz has no bonuses. The affiliate program is very simple and one-level. You can invite referrals and receive 3% of their deposit.

Account Opening on Crytocoins.biz

The registration form is very large. However, most of the fields are simply not needed here. You can only write first and last name, username, password, email, secret question and answer to it. The remaining fields are only needed if you want to specify your wallet right away.


The Personal Area leaves no doubt. We are really dealing with a typical HYIP. Here, you can only deposit money, create a withdrawal request, and view referral payments.

Crytocoins- Client Portal

How Can I Invest In Crytocoins.biz?

According to legend, Crytocoins.biz develops trading robots that allow the company’s specialists to successfully trade in financial markets. Of course, by financial markets, they mean only cryptocurrency. At the same time, the company offers everyone to earn quickly and a lot.

All Info About Tariffs

The project has several investment plans.

  1. Beginner. You can deposit from $30 to $199. The withdrawal is instant, and in just an hour you will get 150%.
  2. Starter. The minimum deposit is $50. The maximum is $399.After 1 hour you will get 170% profit.
  3. Professional. The yield in this account is 190% after 1 hour. You can deposit from $100 to $499.
  4. Power Plan. After 1 hour you will get 200% profit. The minimum and maximum amounts are $200 and $5,999.

Thus, Crytocoins.biz is a typical short-term and extra high-yield project.

  • Low minimum deposit.
  • Too high promised yield
  • No statement.

Market Analysis and Education With Crytocoinz.biz

The company does not provide market analysis or education. However, it states that it has a whole department, which only does market analysis. Until we don’t have any proof of this fact. By the way, the professionalism of the company’s employees is not confirmed by anything.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

Ways of depositing on Crytocoins.biz are not so convenient. You can fund your account only with cryptocurrencies and Perfect Money. You can withdraw money using the same methods. Money withdrawal is promised to be instant.

Features Crytocoins.biz Investify Pro Coinkirk Capital
Debit/Credit Cards
Electronic Payments ✔️ ✔️
Crypto Transfers ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee

How Can I Contact It?

The company specifies only the email address. It is clear that the address support@sitename.com just doesn’t exist. There are also no other ways to contact support. There is not even a live chat.

  • None.
  • No contacts.

Is Crytocoins.biz Dangerous?

There are HYIPs in which you can really earn money. However, they usually work for a long time and have established themselves as paying a profit. Let’s see if we can trust the promises of Crytocoins.biz.

How Long Does The HYIP Work?

Crytocoins.biz writes that it started on August 31. The domain check confirms this information. The project has been working for only a month so far. Alas, do not overly praise it for honesty. Yes, they confessed to short-term work.

However, they immediately lied to their clients. The problem is that the statistics on this page are not true. Firstly, it does not change. Secondly, in a month Crytocoins.biz definitely did not attract customers who would transfer 600 thousand dollars here. We checked and found out that this site is visited by 1-2 people a day.

How Is Crytocoins.biz Regulated?

Crytocoins.biz is not regulated in any way. It’s not even an officially registered company. There are only two companies listed in the UK register at the address indicated in the footer. One of them is even called CRYPTO AWARE LTD.

Entity check

However, it was incorporated a year ago and has nothing to do with the hero of our review. Of course, Crytocoins.biz does not have a license to accept money from customers.

Features Crytocoins.biz Investify Pro Coinkirk Capital
European Zone
Asian Zone
American Zone
African Zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Invest In Crytocoins.biz?

Register on the site, select an investment plan, and fund your account.

Is Crytocoins.biz Legit?

This project is illegal. It is not a real company and provides financial services without a license.

How Risky Is It?

Crytocoins.biz is very dangerous. It does not even provide contact details so that you can find out all the questions you are interested in. It's just an anonymous scam.
Kevin Berry
Ask question
Expert Opinion

Hey, you want to try your hand at being Neil Armstrong and go to the moon? Why not? Along with the space voyage, Crytocoins.biz will also pay you money, for the first hour, at least 150% of your deposit. Well, jokes aside. Again, we have a primitive HYIP that is completely not worth your attention. The design of the site doesn’t matter because the company doesn’t disclose the sources of profit. Moreover, it does not legally exist. Do you still believe in fairy tales and hope for huge sums? Then happy flying!

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The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

4 reviews about Crytocoins.biz

Archie December 9, 2022 - 01:16
Avoid them
The level of trust

There’s not even a 170% yield there! The deposit period is already at the end, and nothing has been credited to me! It’s ridiculous. I came across the link from friends. They praised how well you can make money. According to them, in 2 weeks you can generally get rich. As I understand it, this is a scam. Phew, at least I didn’t invest much.

Sophie December 22, 2022 - 19:42
Definitely, not an investment platform.
The level of trust

I didn’t like the site! I thought and thought, but decided that it looked more like a scam. The design is disgusting. There are no contact details on the site. Well, they don’t have any licenses or permits. It is clear that Crytocoins.biz works like a fraud. They did not arouse trust.

Amelia January 4, 2023 - 21:03
Crytocoins.biz does not withdraw money.
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

An hour later I could not withdraw the deposit! The money should have been returned to me at the end of the term, along with the profit. As soon as I try to withdraw, the page freezes. I have to go back to my personal account again and again.

Fergus January 20, 2023 - 11:25
Nonsense. They won't pay anyone.
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

Bad story! Several people invited me to participate. They say this is a quick and easy income, and completely passive. You can deposit at least $30 into your account. I put 50 at once, well, since several friends advised it. It seemed that there were a lot of fools who invested money and then couldn’t withdraw anything. The only opportunity to earn here is through an affiliate program. And everyone is trying to involve their friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Fraudsters do not pay anyone, and even this tiny amount of $30-50 is unrealistic to withdraw.


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