Investus Pro Review | Is This Broker A Scam or Not?

by Kevin Berry
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The lesser-known firm Investus Pro offers not only brokerage services, but also consultations from trading professionals. Our task is to figure out whether the broker is a scam or not. Despite the listed office addresses in the UK and Canada, the company lacks licenses from regulators, and hides its founding date and business model, yet boasts of some awards from 2018 and 2019. Online reviews are too scant to speak of the company as a popular intermediary. Let’s analyze the terms, the platform, how to cooperate, and facts from the organization’s activities.


🏛️ Country United Kingdom, Canada
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website https://www.investuspro.org/
🎲 Demo Account No
⏳ Start Time 2023
💲 Minimum Deposit 250 euros
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:200-1:1000
⚙️ Trading Platform WebTrader
📨 E-mail support@investuspro.co, finance@investuspro.co, compliance@investuspro.co
📞 Phone +442030068298, +16472543010

First Impression of Investuspro.org

Upon landing on the official website, we are greeted by the gaze of a young bearded man in a suit, which is somewhat disconcerting. Investus Pro lacks any interesting or unique graphic design; further down the main page, you can once again encounter a human figure in an expensive suit. The website is made from a ready-made template, as we have encountered similar resources before. Importantly, it should be noted that in the past, these have always turned out to be fraudulent companies. Will this time be an exception?

Investus Pro - site

The official website is not fully completed. For example, on the right-hand side, there are icons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but clicking on them only opens the main page again instead of taking you to the social media accounts. The absence of evidence and specific information also stands out. Investus Pro claims to have received awards but provides no proof. To reiterate, we are looking at a template website with a classic panel at the top for main information, cliched phrases, and pseudo-advantages. The website earns a score of 2 out of 5.

Partnership and Bonuses

The broker offers a bonus ranging from 30% to 100% for deposit replenishment. It is a rather generous offer, but it comes with certain risks, as such bonus funds are provided only under conditions that are often difficult to meet. Until these conditions are fulfilled, neither the bonus nor the profit obtained can be withdrawn. The size of the bonuses suggests that Investus Pro is not regulated, as it is unlikely that regulators would allow such promotions to be offered to clients.

According to the official website, there is no affiliate program at Investus Pro. There is no mention of this possibility, but perhaps a referral code is available in the personal account.

Account Opening on Investuspro.org

The registration process starts with providing personal information: name, contact details, country, account currency, and account type. Choosing the account type at the creation stage seems strange and inconvenient. It is better to do this later in the personal cabinet after testing the platform. After this, Investus Pro asks you to create a password. However, there is no need to confirm your email, as the system does not send a confirmation letter.


The dashboard in Investus Pro is just as primitive and template-based as the official website. Users can change personal information, upload documents for KYC, and perform other basic actions. Also, from the dashboard, you can download the platform or enter WebTrader. By the way, there is no demo account, so you can only test the terminal with real money.

Investus Pro - dashboard


Investus Pro requires identity verification, as the broker complies with AML & KYC policies. In addition to personal information, the client needs to upload documents that confirm the trader’s identity and address. You also need to upload a photo/scan of a bank card.

  • None.
  • Investus Pro asks you to upload a photo of your bank card.

Trading Software

The trading platform at Investus Pro is presented in the form of WebTrader, but there is also an option to download the program to a PC. There is no application developed for mobile phones, but the platform is adapted for mobile browsers, which adds inconvenience for those who prefer to trade from smartphones.


Such software cannot be called advanced and full-fledged for trading. Yes, the terminal has basic features: technical analysis, levels, lines, indicators, pending orders, various timeframes, and types of charts. However, such options as uploading author’s indicators and template settings, and advanced tools, for example, open interest, market depth, and horizontal volumes are missing. It is also unclear whether Investus Pro has the function of copying trades and auto trading. In short, the platform is as primitive as the interface of the personal account, as well as the official website.

Features Investus Pro LumineTrade VastWealth
Demo Account
Mobile App
Own Development

How Can I Trade With Investus Pro?

For trading, CFDs on currency pairs, American and European stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities are available. Also, Investus Pro offers to use a leverage of 1:200 to 1:1000. This depends on the type of account the user chooses.

All Info About Accounts

The broker has seven types of accounts: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP, and Black. The first tariff in Investus Pro requires a deposit of 250 euros, which is a relatively large amount, since similar companies offer to start even with $1. Owners of the first tariff receive leverage up to 1:200, spreads from 1.5 points, a 30% bonus, 24/5 technical support, and an intro call from a personal account manager. The second type of account requires 2,500 euros with similar conditions, but additionally provides research and analytics.

Account types

The third tariff “Gold” already requires 10,000, and the other types of accounts require even more money. The additional service, usually based on the services of analysts and personal managers. Who are these experts? How can they confirm their qualifications? Where are the examples of their forecasts and analysis? This information remains unknown. A commission appears on the “Platinum” tariff from 25,000 euros, which is 10 euros per 1 lot, which is quite a lot. However, the most important thing to note is Investus Pro’s attempts to extract more money from clients. The more a trader wants additional features, the more he needs to deposit funds into the account. This approach is most often found in scam brokers.

A leverage of 1:200-1:1000, a bonus of 30% or more, and an abundance of “near-market” services – all these are signs that Investus Pro probably does not have a license. The fact is that such options are prohibited by regulators, so legal firms cannot provide such high bonuses and leverage. Plus, it can be added that the swap-free feature is missing.

  • None.
  • Uncompetitive and unfavorable terms and conditions.
  • There are signs of an unregulated broker.
  • No swap-free and demo account.

Market Analysis and Education With Investuspro.org

Clients can use educational videos and articles about the markets. On the main page of Investus Pro, you can notice a scrolling ticker with quotes for popular assets. There is basic information about the types of markets traded. Other additional services are described in the tariffs.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

You can deposit and withdraw funds in various ways: bank cards, bank wire transfers, and electronic wallets (Neteller, Skrill, and others). Investus Pro charges a commission for withdrawals, its size depends on the method. The minimum amount is $100, or $250 if it’s an electronic transfer. It should also be noted that a 10% commission is taken from unverified users, and if the turnover of the deposit has not been performed 200 times. The processing time for an application is up to 5 working days.

Features Investus Pro Fin Reserve Kiexo
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments ✔️
Crypto Transfers ✔️ ✔️
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee ✔️ ✔️

How Can I Contact It?

You can contact the managers of Investus Pro by two phone numbers (Canadian and British), and via email. Checking the contact details revealed interesting points: all three email addresses turned out to be fake. Moreover, the last one, copmliance@investuspro.co, even has a typo in the word “compliance”. There are social media icons, but the accounts have not been created.

Fake email

  • None.
  • Fake emails.
  • No social media accounts and no online chat.

Is Investus Pro Dangerous?

The broker absolutely does not appear safe and verified. The trading conditions are strikingly similar to those provided by fraudulent firms. The email addresses are non-existent, and the website is template-based and dull. There is nothing unique or positive that could commend the firm and be accepted as a factor of safety. What remains is to check Investus Pro for licenses, how long the organization has been in existence, and its legitimate status.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

Alas, the founding date of Investus Pro is not specified, and there are no legal documents available to check this. However, the domain of the official website was registered on just September 13, 2023. In essence, the company has existed for just over a month at the time of writing this review. Can such a period be considered long? Definitely not.


How Is Investus Pro Regulated?

Licenses are not mentioned on the site – a clear sign of a potential illegal broker. However, Investus Pro lists two registrations: the United Kingdom and Canada. It will be necessary to check the respective regulator registries independently. In the Financial Conduct Authority’s registry, where all Forex brokers from the United Kingdom should be listed, our investigation’s subject is missing. However, even more notably, a check with Companies House revealed that such an organization does not exist in this jurisdiction at all.

Investus Pro - FCA

Checking the Canadian registries makes no sense. It was enough to find out that the address in the United Kingdom is fake, and that a license is missing. Investus Pro is an illegal broker, which also provides false information about itself.

Features Investus Pro Exallt  Impresamarkets
European Zone
Asian Zone
American Zone
African Zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Trade With Investus Pro?

On the main page of the official website, there is a button to register an account. In this form, you need to fill in personal data. After that, a personal account and webtrader will be available. To trade, you need to deposit a minimum of 250 euros, as there is no demo account.

Is Investus Pro Legit?

The broker is not regulated by anyone. No licenses are indicated on the site, and such a firm is not present in official registries. It is a completely illegal organization.

How Risky Is It?

Cooperation with Investus Pro carries a 100% risk of losing money. There is a high probability that the withdrawal of funds here does not work.
Kevin Berry
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Expert Opinion

Another scambroker has been exposed! Excellent job, now you know that Investus Pro is a deceptive and fraud company, created to steal from and deceive traders. There are no positive factors, and there are no guarantees. There’s almost nothing about the firm on the internet. The addresses are fabricated, and the contact details are fake as well. Is there anything real here at all? In short, stay as far away as possible from such scam brokers, as there is no point in even opening a brokerage account here.

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5 reviews about Investus Pro

GoGoGo October 25, 2023 - 09:36
I agree. It's a scam.
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

I agree. This is a scam broker that deceives people. Here is an example for everyone of an illegal office, a typical fraud scheme, and a fake platform.

Brian October 30, 2023 - 20:42
Investuspro Comments

I wish I would have read your review before I was suckered in by Investuspro. They string you along and keep pestering you to invest more. When you’ve had enough and want to liquidate, they tell you that their commission is now 5%, not the 1% they initially told you. And, they now want a 20% broker commission, up front, before they will allow you to withdraw. At least I realized my mistake before I paid these fees. It looks like I’ll never see any of my money again. Lesson learned! No stars on any of your 3 categories below.

OG November 7, 2023 - 06:25
1000% Scam- Investuspro
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds

Please, this an urgent plea…STAY AWAY from INVESTUSPRO! Their tactics is requesting for deposits with promises that you will get back in order to withdraw your funds!!
Please, save yourself the misery and hurt and do not send any more if you have started already. I will put my reviews in any Canadian sites as much as I can to stop these people t scamming and defrauding innocent people of their life savings!

Arielle November 10, 2023 - 23:51
Huge Scam - Fake Address
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

They are falsely using the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s address as their fake Canadian headquarters. It’s bold that they’d target an actual chamber of commerce’s HQ.

jing February 5, 2024 - 21:52

It is same that I become their victim. It is sad I lost big amount of money. How I wish to recover the money because my credit cards are maxed out. A lesson for a lifetime. I hope this reviews help a lot to anyone who consider investing. Please go for review first before giving money. I Know they will be changing the platform name and scam for more. 0 TRUST


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