Trezo Capital Review | A Brokerage or a Scam?

by Kevin Berry
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Trezo Capital is a brokerage firm that has been generating a lot of buzzes lately, but not for the right reasons. If you’ve stumbled upon this review, chances are you’re considering trading with it or have already had a negative experience with the company. We are here to share our honest opinion and check if it is a scam or not.


🏛️ Country UK
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website https://www.trezocapital.com/
🎲 Demo Account No
⏳ Start Time 2022
💲 Minimum Deposit $250
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:100
⚙️ Trading Platform WebTrader
📨 E-mail support@trezocapital.com
📞 Phone +442033763026

First Impression of Trezocapital.com

In fact, it seems as though the website is more focused on self-promotion than providing useful information to potential clients. The constant bombardment of marketing messages and self-praise can be a disappointment for experienced traders. It suggests that Trezo Capital may not be confident in its own services and needs to compensate with excessive self-promotion.

Trezo Capital - website

A lack of clear and concise information on the website can make it difficult for traders to make an informed decision. Potential clients have the right to know what they are getting into, and a cluttered website full of self-praises is not helpful.

Partnership and Bonuses

It is obvious that Trezo Capital has a partner program since they require a referral code during registration. However, there is little information about this program available to the public. In addition to that, the bonus policy is not described in detail. The lack of transparency regarding the partner program and bonus policy is concerning and raises questions about the broker’s intentions.

Account Opening on Trazocapital.com

The registration process at Trezo Capital is even worse. The referral code is mandatory, which means that you won’t be able to open an account without it. It’s concerning that the registration process is closed off in this way. Transparent companies usually don’t require a referral code just to sign up. Again, this lack of transparency is a significant red flag, and potential clients should be wary of brokers that operate in such a manner.



Verification is a necessary step at Trezo Capital. You can upload your documents through the Client Portal, if you are lucky enough to register, or send them via email. The requirements are standard. You need to provide documents confirming your identity and residential address. In some cases, a bank statement may also be required.

  • None.
  • No access to Client Portal.

Trading Software

Despite not being able to register, we carefully studied user reviews. Therefore, we know what trading platform Trezo Capital uses, and it’s nothing to write home about. It’s just a simple WebTrader, which is often used by scammers. We also found that the broker was reluctant to provide a mobile or desktop app for download. Additionally, there is no demo account available for potential clients to test out the platform.

Features Trezo Capital Overton Partners Ltd Finorax
Demo Account
Mobile App
Own Development

How Can I Trade With Trezo Capital?

Well, so far, the broker has not particularly enthused us with confidence. Would its trading conditions also turn out to be nonsense?

All Info About Accounts

The trading conditions of the broker are not described at all. It is a significant disadvantage for traders. It is unclear what spreads or commissions Trezo Capital offers, what types of accounts are available, and what assets can be traded. Only the minimum deposit and high leverage for a licensed broker (up to 1:100) are indicated. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for traders to evaluate the potential risks and rewards of trading with this broker.

  • Low minimum deposit.
  • Trading conditions are not described.

Market Analysis and Education With Trezocapital.com

Trezo Capital lacks comprehensive market analysis and educational resources, or this information is not readily available. The only thing that can be found in the FAQ section is a couple of paragraphs about CFD trading and a scrolling ticker with quotes. This is a significant disadvantage for traders who require robust research and analysis tools.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

Based on the mentioned FAQ section, it seems that Trezo Capital accepts deposits via credit cards and wire transfers. These methods can also be used for withdrawals. However, no information is provided regarding the associated fees and processing times for these transactions.

Features Trezo Capital IronGatesFX Tradercr
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments
Crypto Transfers ✔️
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee

How Can I Contact It?

Trezo Capital can be reached by phone or email. However, users complain about spam from these phone numbers. And traders complain that the support team takes a very long time to respond or may even ignore them.

  • All contact information is available.
  • It can be difficult to get in touch with support.

Is Trezo Capital Dangerous?

An almost completely anonymous broker with minimal available information does that not seem suspicious to you? Then we will consider a few more details that will interest our readers.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

You might be wondering why such a supposedly successful broker doesn’t have much online presence. If you simply search for its name in a search engine, you’ll hardly find a dozen results. The explanation for this situation is simple. Trezo Capital is just starting. The domain was registered on June 26, 2022, and the company only started operating later. So, this broker is a complete newcomer.

Domain info

How Is Trezo Capital Regulated?

Trezo Capital claims to be officially registered and licensed, but does not provide detailed legal information. However, we can search for it ourselves. Considering that the contact information includes a UK address, we will search for the legal entity in the UK register. Oh, what a disappointment! We did not find any matches for the name Trezo Capital and the address provided in the register. The conclusion of this situation is simple. The broker is lying about the legality of its operation, as usual. In reality, it exists only as an anonymous website and, of course, did not obtain a license for its services.

Legal entity check

Features Trezo Capital Nexon Groups  CIX Markets
European Zone ✔️
Asian Zone
American Zone
African Zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Trade With Trezo Capital?

You need to register, although it is not clear how to do this. Next, you need to complete the verification process and deposit funds into your account.

Is Trezo Capital Legit?

Unfortunately, Trezo Capital is not a legitimate company. It is not registered as a legal entity and is not regulated by any government financial authority.

How Risky Is It?

Investing with an unregulated and unregistered company like Trezo Capital is extremely risky. There is no protection for investors and there is a high risk of losing your funds.
Kevin Berry
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Expert Opinion

Here’s a little insider info for you. Trezo Capital, Libre Holdings and Polar BTC are like three peas in a scammy pod. Don’t believe me? Just ask any other trader out there. These guys are cut from the same cloth – and it’s definitely not a tailor-made suit if you catch my drift. So, if you see either of these names popping up on your screen, just hit that “x” button faster than a squirrel on a power line. Trust me, your wallet will thank you later.

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4 reviews about Trezo Capital

Penny March 10, 2023 - 15:21
Fake License
The level of trust

There is no information about the license. Do I need to explain that Trezo Capital in this case is a fake broker that doesn’t even exist? Its main task is to steal as much money as possible. If you don’t understand this, then I feel sorry for you.

Marshall March 14, 2023 - 21:43
They don't return deposits either
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

They don’t want to return my deposit either. They just don’t withdraw and that’s it. Moreover, on the contact details, I found, they didn’t even respond. So don’t work with Trezo Capital. It doesn’t withdraw money.

Cole March 17, 2023 - 21:02
No way
The level of trust

Don’t even think about registering here if you don’t have experience! The commissions will bankrupt you!

Will March 20, 2023 - 10:36
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

They persuade you to invest small amounts first and then more and more. When it comes to withdrawing funds, they find a reason to make you pay a protective tariff, for opening a bank cell, transfer you to another specialist and never come back in touch. They delete accounts.


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