All Capital Trade Review | The Right Place to Grow Your Money or a Scam?

by Kevin Berry
  1/5   Reviews: 11
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Are you passionate about investing and looking for the right place to grow your money? All Capital Trade claims to be the answer, but is it really? In our opinion, this broker is nothing but a scam, and in this review, we will explain why.


🏛️ Country UK
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website https://www.allcapitaltrade.com/
🎲 Demo Account Yes
⏳ Start Time 2022
💲 Minimum Deposit $250
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:100 – 1:1000
⚙️ Trading Platform WebTrader
📨 E-mail support@allcapitaltrade.com
📞 Phone +442033752934

First Impression of Allcapitaltrade.com

Do you think creating an official company website is difficult? Well, the developers at All Capital Trade don’t seem to think so. They appear to believe that potential clients are eager to receive even blatant nonsense with delight. And how else can you describe this low-quality resource, where:

  1. There is only one language available.
  2. There is no information about the company, except for contacts and addresses.
  3. Almost all of the content on the homepage makes baseless promises of trader happiness right here and right now.

All Capital Trade - website

Partnership and Bonuses

The broker doesn’t mention any affiliate programs, but there are bonuses. A lot of bonuses, actually. Essentially, bonuses are only unavailable in the Basic account. By opening other accounts, a client can receive from 25 to 100% in bonuses. Don’t count too much on this money, though. You’ll have to work for them before placing a withdrawal request.

Account Opening on Allcapitaltrade.com

The registration process for All Capital Trade is fairly standard, requiring users to enter their personal information and a password, and then directing them to the Client Portal. However, during our review, we noticed one notable aspect. All Capital Trade tried to prevent bots by using a CAPTCHA, but did not verify users’ email addresses or phone numbers at this stage, which is a questionable approach to security.


However, accessing the Client Portal may not be an easy task. We encountered an error during our registration process. Despite being prompted to contact customer support to resolve the issue, we were unable to access the account.



Although we were unable to log in to the personal account, we can still make some assumptions about the verification process. All Capital Trade requires clients to provide standard documents such as a copy of government-issued identification, proof of address, and proof of payment. The broker will review the documents and confirm the client’s identity, which is in line with industry standards. It will take a couple of days.

  • The verification process is standard.
  • No access to Client Area.

Trading Software

We do not have access to the platform, but based on the pictures on the homepage, we can assume what we are dealing with. It seems to be a standard web trader with limited functionality, including only a few dozen indicators. There is no mobile or desktop version available. The interface is simple and straightforward. Overall, it may be suitable only for beginners.

Features All Capital Trade Legends Financial Company Virgobanc
Demo Account ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️
Mobile App ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️
Own Development ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️

How Can I Trade With All Capital Trade?

All Capital Trade claims to provide industry-leading technology. Now, we will take a closer look to see if that is true.

All Info About Accounts

All Capital Trade offers only six types of accounts, which are divided into Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Premium, as is customary. The minimum deposit is only $250, but the next Silver account requires a deposit of $10,000. Each type of account comes with an increasing number of additional services. The highest-level Premium account requires a deposit of $250,000. For some reason, the broker only describes the additional services and provides no information about spreads, commissions, or swaps. They do mention the available leverage, which reaches 1:1000 for the Premium account.

However, such high leverage is prohibited by all reputable regulators and suggests that All Capital Trade does not execute trades on the interbank market.

  • Low minimum deposit.
  • High leverage
  • Conditions are not described in detail.

Market Analysis and Education With Allcapitaltrade.com

The broker offers a wide range of additional services, including trading signals, market analysis, and education. Some of these services are quite confusing, such as the different levels of crypto-arbitrage. Interestingly, full diversification is only available with the Platinum account. In simpler terms, All Capital Trade sets limits on traders’ ability to purchase certain assets.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

All Capital Trade accepts funds via credit, and debit cards, as well as wire transfers. These same methods can be used for withdrawals. The broker will process your request within five business days. Please note that additional documents may be required from you when making a withdrawal.

Features All Capital Trade IC Markets Legends Financial Company
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments ❌️ ❌️ ✔️
Crypto Transfers ❌️ ✔️
Deposit Fee ❌️ ❌️ ❌️
Withdrawal Fee ✔️ ✔️ ❌️

How Can I Contact It?

All Capital Trade provides a phone number and email as contact information. However, we have discovered an issue. There are no offices of this company at the address listed on the website.

  • Complete contact information.
  • The address appears to be fake.

Is All Capital Trade Dangerous?

The trading conditions have raised many doubts in us about the legitimacy of this broker. Therefore, we will conduct an investigation to determine whether All Capital Trade can be trusted with your money.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

Although the broker displays the year 2021 in the footer, it has no relation to reality. The first reviews about All Capital Trade appeared recently. Checking the domain revealed that it was registered on November 19, 2022. So, in reality, this broker is a newcomer.

Domain info

How Is All Capital Trade Regulated?

The broker has provided a British phone number and a British address. This leads us to believe that the company is registered in the UK. However, the high leverage offered suggests that the broker is not authorized by the FCA registry. This is not surprising since there is no company called All Capital Trade registered in the UK registry. The broker does not provide any other legal information.

Legal entity check

Features All Capital Trade NPBFX Virgobanc
European Zone
Asian Zone
American Zone
African Zone ✔️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Trade With All Capital Trade?

You need to register an account and then fund it by depositing money through accepted payment methods.

Is All Capital Trade Legit?

No, it is not. The company lacks proper regulation and oversight. 

How Risky Is It?

The company is completely anonymous and operates outside the legal framework, indicating that it is not a legitimate business entity.
Kevin Berry
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Expert Opinion

I have seen my fair share of dodgy brokers. And let me tell you, All Capital Trade raises some serious red flags. First, the company seems to be operating in the shadows, with no clear information about its ownership or regulation. And if that’s not enough to scare you away, their ludicrous 1:1000 leverage certainly should be. Trust me, any broker offering such high leverage is most likely not playing by the rules. My advice? Stay away from All Capital Trade.

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All Capital Trade rating

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The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

11 reviews about All Capital Trade

Dean April 17, 2023 - 03:42
No pros
The level of trust

If you compare the pros and cons of All Capital Trade, it will be obvious that this lousy company doesn’t have any pros, but it has plenty of cons. These include illegal activities not only in England, but also in any other country. Besides, the domain for the company’s website was created just a few months ago. I don’t think I need to explain when this scheme started working.

Helen April 27, 2023 - 19:02
Everything is fake
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

I don’t think you’ll find success and profits here, as scammers describe on their poor website. Stay away from such resources. That’s my advice.

Ronnie April 30, 2023 - 22:19
There are no legal documents
The level of trust

I agree with all the negative reviews about this Forex scam. There’s nothing to catch here. It’s not even worth registering. Who knows, they might steal and sell your personal data on the darknet.

Alice May 3, 2023 - 09:59
Illegal activity
The level of trust

Such companies should be blocked immediately to prevent people from depositing their hard-earned money. Of course, scams are aimed at newcomers and freebie seekers. Only they can trust such an obviously shady broker and give away their money, and then get nothing when attempting to withdraw even 1 dollar. In short, All Capital Trade has no license for brokerage activities, which is the most important and mandatory element for any reliable broker. The company has a fake address in the UK, which can be easily checked and traced, fake contact details, which can also be easily found out. The company operates completely anonymously.

Shane July 5, 2023 - 04:33
NO NO NO NO !!!!
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

I Was just Scammed hard bye these people..There is absolutely no legal agreements. To Certificate there business license for trading….which they say they do …I found this all out the hard way 6500.00 almost 7000.00 and I’m on a pension raising my grandson and have a wife as well I’m the only income for the three of us and im disabled from loosing an eye and having my nose tore off at my workplace..I’m in my 50s and still need to support my family somehow so I trying to do so from home at the least..so pls don’t sink what you have put away for a rainy day or month into this and loose it cause these basterds do it to you in the slimest way get you to send your money through friends and family so there is no copy made of it and no record to recover it in any way..So sad and sry to anyone else who are hurt by these people..thx for reading
Shane Simpson

Sara July 11, 2023 - 18:12
Totally scam
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

Pls stay away this company, it is scam and I request that I want to get my money back. Pls stay away once again,

Bianca July 18, 2023 - 22:10
Scam Delos Management
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

This people think one is not so clever. Stay away. Big scam. Promises and checking what is going on. Don’t put in any amount of money with Delos!! They are full of promises and don’t pay out your money. Also to busy with other clients.

Leo July 21, 2023 - 03:16
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

WARNING!!!!!!! Extremely dangerous company! Most recent victim of this fraudulent, scamming entity! Invested $500US July 18, 2023. Changed my mind July 19, 2023, smelled a RAT! Refusing to return my $$$$
SHUT this company DOWN!

Maxy July 27, 2023 - 15:38
Being scam

I’ve been victim of scam. On 10 of July I invest deposited $5000 to all capital trade to Alex Latifi. And 12 of July I also invest deposited $5000 to cryptomarket to Michael Ross, since then I never get respond. They telling me lies that I will get $20.000 in bank account. Also I deposited $1.700 to Qiantum AI Andrew Jackson. +4479467689**. Verification code 29382

Bassa August 1, 2023 - 07:54

they got $250 USA.then they tried to get $3500us out of me.i decided not to do it.for the next 2 months they hounded me.that didn’t work. then they got really nasty. they rang people around Australia using my phone number. I had to explain it wasn’t me. then they started sending me messages. they will be coming to my place on a day 6 or7am on a chosen day. now I’m waiting to see what’s next. I’ve received 40 or50 phone calls @messages over the last 6 months. all Australia phone numbers @mobile numbers. when you ring these numbers the message tells you the number has been disconnected. do i think these people are scammers. Yes 100%

Offshore December 8, 2023 - 02:48
From Devastated to Hopeful: Recovering from Investment Fraud
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

Sharing my story isn’t easy, but it’s important. Earlier this year, I lost $50,000 to a fraudulent investment scheme. The devastation was immense, leaving me feeling helpless and hopeless.

However, I refused to let this define me. My journey led me to a specialized recovery firm that offered a beacon of hope. Through their expertise and dedication, they helped me reclaim what I had lost.

This experience instilled in me a profound sense of gratitude for their unwavering support, professionalism, and continuous updates.

If you’re facing a similar ordeal, please know that you’re not alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some crucial steps to remember:

Report the fraud to the authorities.
Seek assistance from a reputable recovery firm.
Never lose hope.
My story is a testament to the possibility of regaining what was stolen. Don’t let investment fraud define your future.

Share this message to empower others who have faced similar struggles.


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