Rigel Capital Partners Limited Review | A Modern Platform or Scam?

by Kevin Berry
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The brokerage firm Rigel Capital Partners Limited margin CFD trading on a modern platform, as well as technical support and other services. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, before opening an account here, it is necessary to find out whether the platform is a scam. There are almost no reviews on the internet, so we will have to figure it out ourselves. We only know that the firm is based in the United Kingdom, claims a license from CySEC, and boasts of having over 100,000 clients. This also requires thorough verification. So let’s get started.


🏛️ Country United Kingdom
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website https://www.rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com/
🎲 Demo Account No
⏳ Start Time 2024
💲 Minimum Deposit £5,000
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:20-1:100
⚙️ Trading Platform WebTrader
📨 E-mail support@rigelcapitalpartnersltd.net, info@rigelcapitalpartnersltd.net
📞 Phone +441613949638

First Impression of Rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com

Upon entering the company’s website, the template with which it was created immediately catches the eye. We have encountered similar templates before, and here it is worth noting one important detail – such companies always turn out to be fraudulent. Therefore, our acquaintance with Rigel Capital Partners Limited begins with such an interesting and important detail.

The website is designed in white and gray tones using an unsuccessful font, making the text difficult to read. Navigation is simplified, as a standard panel with information can be seen at the top:

  • Trading. Tariffs, terminals, and others.
  • Products. Tradable assets.
  • About us.
  • Contacts. This includes partnerships and job opportunities.

Rigel Capital Partners Limited - site

Like many similar resources, the official website is characterized by meaningless phrases, motivational offers, and clichéd advantages that are not advantages at all. The broker provides little information about itself and only partially covers the trading conditions. Therefore, we cannot give a positive assessment to such an official site.

Partnership and Bonuses

Within its affiliate program, Rigel Capital Partners Limited rewards clients who attract new users. The firm provides support to its partners, including marketing materials, statistics, reports, and flexible payments.

The firm also offers to receive bonuses on deposit replenishments, and their size is very large, which is a bad sign. Traders can receive bonuses from 50% to 75% of the deposit, but only when opening a “Gold” tariff or higher. We will look at the types of accounts later.

Account Opening on Rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com

Creating an account is necessary if you want to trade here. At the same time, Rigel Capital Partners Limited does not even offer the option of a demo account, so practicing with virtual dollars is not possible.

Thus, to register, you need to fill out a form with personal details. The broker also asks for a referral code and registration code and agrees with the user’s conditions.


The creation of an account is hindered by a registration code. What is this mystical password, and how to get it? We understand what a referral code is, but what the registration one is, is unknown. Without it, Rigel Capital Partners Limited does not allow creating a personal account.

Registration code

As practice shows, illegal companies most often hinder free registration. They require some codes, or the system just gives an error and asks to contact support. Something tells us that Rigel Capital Partners Limited will not be an exception to the rules.


The verification procedure is a mandatory process in any company that complies with legislation and operates under the control of regulators. However, managers do not even provide an AML&KYC policy. Such a legal document is missing from the website. Moreover, due to the impossibility of registering an account, we cannot see if there is functionality for uploading documents in the personal account.

So there is no precise information on whether KYC is mandatory or not. Perhaps the firm does not require verification, which means a lack of regulation and non-compliance with norms and standards.

  • None.
  • Nothing is known about the verification procedure.

Trading Software

The platform plays an important role. Traders need modern and multifunctional software that will allow creating and using unique strategies for earning in the financial markets. We cannot check what platform is in Rigel Capital Partners Limited, what capabilities it has, what it represents, and what functions are available to users. We can only trust what the firm tells us about its terminal.

Thus, the company calls its platform user-friendly. Here are available enhanced trade tickets, fundamental and technical analysis tools, a comprehensive charting package, options chain, performance analysis, and a detailed account overview. Meanwhile, the terminal is presented only in a web-based format. So, those who like to trade from smartphones will definitely not appreciate this platform.

Features Rigel Capital Partners Limited Stockoza FxPro
Demo Account ✔️
Mobile App ✔️ ✔️
Own Development ✔️

How Can I Trade With Rigel Capital Partners Limited?

The broker offers a variety of asset classes: forex, stocks, commodities, crypto, bonds, indices, and ETFs. In total, there are more than 5,300 instruments, and these are CFDs, not futures. Conditions and additional services depend on the tariff plan, which we will examine further.

All Info About Accounts

The initial deposit is very high – £5,000. This is undoubtedly a serious requirement for initial funding. Such an approach is not popular among well-known and verified companies; on the contrary, illegal organizations try to extract as much money as possible from clients in this way. So, the number of signs of a fraudulent platform at Rigel Capital Partners Limited simply goes off the scale.

Here is a description of the five types of accounts:

  • Beginner. Leverage 1:20, limited access to markets, standard spreads and swaps, and assistance.
  • Silver. A deposit of at least £25,000 is required. The tariff includes leverage 1:50, an expanded list of assets, more favorable spreads, and investment assistance.
  • Gold. From £75,000 and more. Here, the firm offers leverage 1:100, a personal financial plan, a 50% bonus, and a guaranteed income of 9% monthly.
  • Premium. From £150,000. Custom leverage, access to all markets, low spreads and swaps, portfolio management, a 75% bonus, and an ROI of 12%.
  • VIP. For deposits over £250,000. ROI is 15%, with other services at the same level.

Account types

Where can the company afford to pay a yield of 9% to 15% per month? By the way, this is from 108% to 180% annually. The broker does not explain the origin of such high percentages, while providing a guarantee, which is fundamentally impossible. So, Rigel Capital Partners Limited is also a hidden financial pyramid (Ponzi scheme).

Leverage increases from tariff to tariff, although it should be the opposite. The logic in such a distribution is missing, as higher leverage is needed by a trader without a large deposit. And those who already have a lot of money do not need it. At the same time, the size of commissions is unknown. Spreads and swaps are also hidden.

Actually, that’s all. Although one could also note the absence of an Islamic account and ECN. We have already mentioned the absence of a demo.

  • Not found.
  • Very high minimum deposit.
  • No demo, no Islamic account.
  • Signs of financial pyramid (HYIP).

Market Analysis and Education With Rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com

Market analysis, educational courses, and various widgets, although not mandatory attributes of a brokerage company, still represent benefits for clients. At the same time, Rigel Capital Partners Limited offers practically nothing. Traders have access to a news feed and information about the traded asset classes. You will not find online quotes, analytics, or educational courses here.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

According to information from a separate section on the site dedicated to deposit and withdrawal operations, managers offer to use bank cards, SEPA, and Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the details must have the same name as the users, because the firm does not accept payments from third parties. Commissions and processing times for withdrawal requests are not disclosed, which is not surprising.

Features Rigel Capital Partners Limited Unicorntradefx Al-Giz
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments ✔️ ✔️
Crypto Transfers ✔️
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee ✔️

How Can I Contact It?

Users have access to two email addresses and a phone number to contact managers. You can also try to leave a message in a special feedback form. The phone number of Rigel Capital Partners Limited is not traceable online, with zero information. Meanwhile, the email addresses provided do not exist.

Fake email

Also, in the “contacts” section, you can see the logos of social networks. It was assumed that by clicking on them, one could get to the Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts. However, they redirect us back to the site, meaning there are no social networks at all. Besides this, it is worth noting the absence of online chat.

  • Not found.
  • Fake contact details.
  • No online chat.

Is Rigel Capital Partners Limited Dangerous?

From the very beginning, the company aroused suspicions. A template and boring website, followed by the impossibility of creating an account without a registration code. After that, we discovered the absence of an AML&KYC policy, which is an extremely negative factor. And then, inadequate trading conditions led by a huge minimum deposit and fake contacts. So, there’s no doubt that Rigel Capital Partners Limited is a fraudulent organization. However, let’s still check the duration of the operation and the legal address, as well as the broker’s licenses, to definitively determine whether it is a scam or not.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

A classic of the genre – the foundation date is not indicated, and the registration documents are missing. And how to find out when the platform was launched? Easily, for example, through the domain of the official website. Rigel Capital Partners Limited’s site was registered on January 17, 2024, only. Additionally, this can be supplemented by the small number of reviews on the internet. Everything matches.


How Is It Regulated?

Firstly, let’s verify whether the broker indeed received a license from CySEC, as claimed in the “Security” section. As seen in the screenshot below, Rigel Capital Partners Limited is missing from the list of regulated brokerage organizations, so the information about the CySEC license turned out to be fake.

Rigel Capital Partners Limited - CySEC

And now the last point – the office address in the United Kingdom and regulation by the British financial commission. Such a character is absent in the FCA register. A British broker cannot legally operate without control by this state regulator, so Rigel Capital Partners Limited’s activity is 100% illegal.

Rigel Capital Partners Limited - FCA

However, a search in the registry of legal entities in England showed us a company with that name. However, intuition tells us that this firm has nothing to do with the website rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com. It was registered in 2014, while the hero of our review started its activities only in 2024, i.e., 10 years later. Moreover, a different legal address is indicated. Therefore, the fraudsters simply appropriated someone else’s name.

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Features Rigel Capital Partners Limited Trezo Capital CIX Markets
European Zone ✔️
Asian Zone
American Zone
African Zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Expert Opinion

Do not even attempt to register with Rigel Capital Partners Limited in any way because it makes no sense. Any investments here will turn to dust. They will simply vanish. Therefore, do not cooperate with such scam platforms. The number of red flags is off the charts. Moreover, the minimum deposit is very high. This should not be the case; it’s not normal.

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1 review about Rigel Capital Partners Limited

Rodion February 21, 2024 - 13:09
Realized in time that it was a scam
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds

Well, I almost fell for the scam called Rigel Capital Partners Limited. Good thing I decided to fact-check in time and found out it’s a fake company. The fraudsters camouflaged themselves well, but I saw through their trick and did not transfer money. I advise everyone to be careful because such frauds are everywhere. Swindlers and scammers on the internet engage in theft.


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