Geratsu Review | Online Broker for Your Trading Needs or a Scam?

by Kevin Berry
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Are you looking for a reliable online broker for your trading needs? Well, be careful when considering Geratsu. This brokerage firm has been garnering attention lately, but not for the right reasons. Many reviews out there are calling Geratsu a scam. Stay tuned, we will explain why you should be cautious before investing.


🏛️ Country St. Vincent and The Grenadines
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website https://www.geratsu.com/
🎲 Demo Account Yes
⏳ Start Time 2021
💲 Minimum Deposit $10
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:1000
⚙️ Trading Platform MT4
📨 E-mail https://www.geratsu.com/#mailto
📞 Phone +1 844 200 0183

First Impression of Geratsu.com

Geratsu’s official website is a mess. From the moment you land on the page, you’re bombarded with poorly designed and tacky graphics that look like they were taken from a 90s video game. The color scheme is an assault on the senses, with bright orange and blue hues clashing together in a jarring and unappealing way.

Geratsu - website

However, the horrors don’t end there. Geratsu seems to have a love affair with self-promotion, as every other sentence on the website is dedicated to boasting about their supposed “expertise” and “innovative approach”. It’s all just empty marketing jargon that fails to provide any substantial information about the company or its services. Overall, Geratsu’s official website is a prime example of how not to design a website.

Partnership and Bonuses

It is clear evidence that we are dealing with scammers when we take a closer look at the Geratsu’s elaborate affiliate program. The assortment of passive income options through referral programs is truly surprising. Instead of dedicating their resources to educating their employees, the company has focused its attention on promoting its affiliate program. The website is filled with flashy ads screaming about bonuses of 20%, 30%, and even 50%. The catch is that you can only withdraw these bonuses if you meet some incredibly rigid requirements. So, the real catch here is that you need to deposit as much money as possible to even have a chance of getting your hands on these bonuses.

Account Opening on Geratsu.com

The registration process with Geratsu is surprisingly simplistic. All you need to provide is your email address, choose a password, and select your country. They won’t even verify your email address. It seems like they have a very lax approach to user security and identification. It’s concerning that they don’t ask for more detailed personal information.


The Client Portal of Geratsu looks like it was designed by someone who has no idea about user experience. It’s just as tacky as the website, with an overwhelming number of colors, fonts, and design elements. It’s hard to figure out where to go and what to do. The worst part is that it’s combined with the trading terminal, which makes it even more confusing.

Geratsu - Client Portal


The broker has a standard verification process that requires submitting a passport or ID card and proof of address. Besides, the broker may request additional documentation or information, causing further delays and frustration for their clients.

  • You can upload documents into the Client Portal.
  • It’s not specified how long the verification process will take.

Trading Software

Geratsu offers the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for its clients. MT4 is a widely used platform among traders due to its advanced charting capabilities, various technical analysis tools, and customizable indicators. MT4 has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for traders to navigate through its features. The platform also allows for the creation and customization of trading algorithms using its built-in programming language, MQL4.

Features Geratsu Legends Financial Company  Spotinvest
Demo Account ❌️️ ❌️️
Mobile App ❌️️ ❌️️
Own Development ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️

How Can I Trade With Geratsu?

Aside from bonuses and referral programs, Geratsu offers both regular trading and copy trading, with a dedicated section on the latter.

All Info About Accounts

Let’s start by highlighting the advantages of this company:

  • Swap-free trading
  • Bonus policy from 30% to 100%
  • Wide range of assets, including over 150 positions from currencies to global indices and cryptocurrencies
  • Free demo account
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals, supporting the most popular payment systems
  • Various analytical tools and trading strategies
  • Copy trading feature.

There are four accounts available, with a minimum deposit of $10. According to the company’s statements, the higher the limit, the better the conditions. However, potential clients should be aware that the leverage is 1:1000, indicating that Geratsu is an unlicensed broker. Therefore, it’s not worth considering the other trading conditions, as the essence of this review’s hero is clear

  • Low minimum deposit.
  • High leverage.
  • Dubious additional services.

Market Analysis and Education With Geratsu.com

Geratsu provides its clients with analytical tools, trading signals, and an economic calendar. However, it’s important to note that relying solely on these tools for trading decisions can be risky. The analytical tools provided by Geratsu may not be as comprehensive or advanced as those offered by other brokers in the market. It’s also important to keep in mind that trading signals provided by brokers are often used as a marketing tool to attract clients, and not necessarily a reliable source of trading advice.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

The broker has provided information separately about the supported payment methods, with a focus on cryptocurrencies. Bank transfers and a few less well-known systems such as Thunderxpay and Vnpay are also available. Geratsu claims that there are no commissions or additional fees.

Features Geratsu Forexeze Stockoza
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Crypto Transfers ✔️ ✔️ ❌️️
Deposit Fee ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️
Withdrawal Fee ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️

How Can I Contact It?

As for contacting managers, Geratsu offers several email addresses, a phone number (which is invalid), a form to fill out, and a fake office address. Take a close look at comments about Geratsu as users often complain that managers ignore messages and don’t respond. As a result, traders are left alone with their problems. Especially when it comes to withdrawing funds, support freezes, and employees will do everything to delay the process of approving the request.

  • Full contact data.
  • It’s hard to reach the support.

Is Geratsu Dangerous?

Even in the “About Us” section, there are only a few words about the broker’s unique features. However, there is no mention of its history. Therefore, it is necessary to independently verify the information about Geratsu.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

Let’s start by checking the domain to understand the real age of the company. So, the website was launched in September 2020, but comments and first mentions began to appear in 2021. This also speaks to the date of the company’s creation. Apparently, the developers simply decided to act according to a well-known scheme – creating the illusion of a reliable project by convincing people of its near-long experience.

Domain info

How Is Geratsu Regulated?

The next point is legal registration. If we believe the statement in the footer and the contact section, the broker is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Offshore registration is often seen as a red flag in the financial industry, as it can be used to avoid taxes, regulations, and oversight. Companies registered in offshore jurisdictions are often not subject to the same level of scrutiny as those registered in more reputable jurisdictions. They can therefore engage in fraudulent or illegal activities more easily. In the case of Geratsu, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s important to note that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in that jurisdiction does not actually license or regulate Forex or binary options brokers.

Oh no, wait, what’s this? We see a certificate issued to Geratsu LLC on May 5th of this year. And not just from anyone, but from none other than the NFA (National Futures Association). Perhaps the creators of this project were expecting such a reaction from us. Well, the thing is, we have eyes. Let’s use them carefully and take a closer look at this document.


So, it says Commodity Trading Advisor. Who is that? An individual or organization that, for compensation or profit, advises others, directly or indirectly, as to the value of or the advisability of trading futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts, or swaps.

And what does exemption mean? You see, the exemption certificate allows the broker not to register as an NFA member. The same applies to another category, Commodity Pool Operator. It refers to an individual or organization that operates a commodity pool and solicits funds for that commodity pool. A commodity pool is an enterprise in which funds contributed by a number of persons are combined for the purpose of trading futures or options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts, or swaps, or investing in another commodity pool. In other words, these certificates have absolutely no relation to the brokerage activities conducted by Geratsu with its clients.

CTA exemption

Furthermore, the NFA regulates market relationships exclusively within the territory of the United States. So, these papers won’t mean anything to the majority of Geratsu’s clients. And of course, Geratsu is not a full-fledged member of the NFA since it is, after all, an offshore broker.

Features Geratsu Mitrade InternationalReserve
European Zone ❌️️ ❌️️
Asian Zone ❌️️ ✔️ ❌️️
American Zone ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️
African Zone ❌️️ ❌️️ ❌️️
Offshore ❌️️ ✔️ ❌️️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Trade With Geratsu?

First, you need to create an account, verify it and fund it.

Is Geratsu Legit?

Geratsu is an offshore broker that operates without a license or oversight from regulators.

How Risky Is It?

We once again admit that trading with unlicensed offshore brokers is very dangerous for your deposit. These companies can do whatever they want with your accounts.
Kevin Berry
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Expert Opinion

Wow, this broker is more fishy than a seafood market in the middle of a desert. Don’t let their fancy website and promises of riches fool you. In fact, their affiliate program offers such huge rewards that it makes me wonder if they’re using pirate treasure to fund it. Don’t be tempted by the lure of easy money, because when it comes to trading, there are no shortcuts. Stay away from Geratsu, unless you want to end up feeling like a fish out of water.

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3 reviews about Geratsu

Max April 28, 2023 - 18:02
Geratsu lured me in with a low entry deposit.
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

Reputable brokers set the deposit several times higher. And on this platform, it’s only $10. And the financial manager promised me ultra-tight spreads, low commissions, and so on… I started trading and lost everything with the help of their staff. I made new investments – same story. Obviously, this platform only works for deposits.

Steve May 2, 2023 - 09:49
These scammers belong behind bars!
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

They boldly lie and deceive people who trust them with their money. I lost $3,000 here and now I’m broke. Investing here is definitely not worth it, otherwise you risk repeating my fate. Trusting blindly will not lead to anything good.

Eloise May 11, 2023 - 12:25
This company promised me the world.
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

I thought I would be able to make a profit right from the start, but when I started investing, it turned out that there were big problems with payment discipline. It’s impossible to withdraw profit. And these scammers will come up with all sorts of excuses to refuse to pay out. I shouldn’t have invested here, I saw negative reviews… Now I’m thinking, was it even worth getting involved in trading if there are so many financial fraudsters here?


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