PowerStox Review | Is it an ordinary Scam broker?

by Kevin Berry
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Do you want to know if PowerStox is a scam? Yes, we answer, this is just an ordinary fraudulent broker trying to attract not only the attention of traders but also their money. Do not listen to ‌reviews that tell you otherwise; it’s a lie. If you need arguments, you can read them further.


🏛️ Country Saint Vincent & Grenadines
⚠️ Regulation
🖥️ Website https://powerstox.com/
🎲 Demo Account No
⏳ Start Time 2023
💲 Minimum Deposit $250
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:400
⚙️ Trading Platform WebTrader
📨 E-mail customersupport@powerstox.com
📞 Phone +18007061196

First Impression of Powerstox.com

The official website of the broker is quite informative at first glance, but most of the text does not benefit the visitor because it consists of abstract phrases. For example, the company happily announces its connection to 20 liquidity providers but forgets to name them, so we could verify whether this is true or not.

Overall, the structure and design of the site are typical for a brokerage firm. At the top, there is a panel with the main sections, where users can explore conditions, some information about the company, the platform, and contacts, as well as find legal documents.

PowerStox - site

The site looks decent, even using images in some places. However, it is not fully completed. For example, in the footer, you can see social network logos, but clicking on them opens the main page of the site, not an account on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Also, important data about the activity is missing: licenses, duration of operation, and registration documents.

Partnership and Bonuses

Can users earn additional income through an affiliate program? Does the company offer bonus promotions? These are very interesting questions, which are hard to find answers to because these options are not mentioned on the site.

However, we looked into the document with the user agreement and saw there was a mention of bonuses, as well as a brief explanation of how they work. Unfortunately, PowerStox does not provide specific conditions regarding the required trading volume to clear the promotions so they can be withdrawn.

About the affiliate program, it can be learned at the moment of registering a personal cabinet. In the registration form, users can optionally specify some referral code. So, both functions are available with this broker, but it is unclear under what conditions.

Account Opening on Powerstox.com

Registering a personal cabinet includes specifying personal information: contacts, residence address, name, and date of birth. Besides, the broker asks to agree to the terms, including that the trader is not a U.S. citizen.


We carefully provided all the information, but the system still did not allow us to register an account, indicating that we should contact technical support through online chat or try again.

Failed registration

PowerStox does not allow users to create an account for unknown reasons. We have already noted this as a sign of a fraudulent broker, as it is precisely such firms that often practice this approach.

Here are also two aspects to add:

  1. We are asked to contact technical support through online chat, but it’s not available on the official website. If you click on “Live chat” in the error window, a window pops up where you have to send a message to technical support, but this is not live chat.
  2. A demo account was not found. It is unlikely that this option is offered by the firm.


The first part of the verification procedure is specifying all necessary personal information. The second part is providing documents confirming this data, for example, a passport as proof of identity, and a utility bill or bank statement as proof of the client’s residence.

PowerStox will also require a photo/scan of a bank card. The full name and the last 4 digits must be visible, while the other 12 digits and CVV must be obscured.

Documents can be sent via email or uploaded through the client portal. However, we did not find information on how long the KYC verification will take.

  • The AML&KYC document is available on the website.
  • The firm is asking to upload a photo of the map.
  • The KYC processing timeframe is unknown.

Trading Software

Now, we will look at the trading platform, but only partially, as we do not have access to the personal account, which means we cannot see for ourselves what the terminal looks like and what features it can boast.

PowerStox promises us that their platform is available on all devices: WebTrader, Windows/Mac OS/Linux, and Android/iOS. However, links are available only to registered users, so we cannot definitively say whether the terminal truly works on all devices or not.


Judging by the platform description, clients have access to advanced tools for technical and graphical analysis, several types of order execution, hedging, and automatic strategies. It is unlikely to be some advanced software that can compare with well-known and popular terminals.

Features PowerStox SafetradePortal TauraGlobal
Demo Account
Mobile App ✔️
Own Development

How Can I Trade With PowerStox?

Traders are offered a vast variety of financial instruments – 10,000 names. These include CFDs on forex, metals, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

The broker also provides clients with leverage, and a large one at that, up to 1:400. This gives us serious hints of a lack of regulation, as financial commissions prohibit offering such a high leverage indicator due to the huge risks involved.

All Info About Accounts

PowerStox offers clients a range of tariffs, consisting of 5 types of accounts, and trading can start at $250:

  • Mini. Presumably, the tariff is aimed at inexperienced traders, as the minimum deposit is $250, lot volume from 0.01, and spreads from 3 pips. Education center and price alerts are also available. Commissions are zero.
  • Advanced. The minimum deposit is $2,500. The size of spreads is not specified for some reason, but an account manager service and customized trading strategy are additionally available.
  • Executive. The deposit requirement is even higher – from $25,000. Research tools, personal portfolio, daily markets analysis, and even access to MetaTrader 5 (why is there no mention of this terminal on the website?).
  • Prime. On this tariff, spreads are of a fixed type, whereas previously they were floating. The other services are the same as in Executive, but hedging is added. From $100,000.
  • VIP. This includes protection against negative balance and low market price difference. The minimum deposit is not specified.

It is quite obvious that the broker wants clients to invest as much money as possible. For instance, various additional services become more interesting at more expensive types of accounts. And the size of the minimum deposit is striking. We most often encountered a minimum threshold of $250 with fraudulent companies, so PowerStox is no exception.

Account types

The size of the spreads is mentioned only for the first tariff, although we are more interested in the conditions of the other types of accounts. Considering the fact that there is no commission, the question arises: “How does the company earn?”. Since the main income of a brokerage intermediary is commissions and spreads, there is no doubt that the broker simply deceives us when it talks about No Dealing Desk, because in reality, it is a standard 100% B-Book, meaning the platform is interested in the losses of its users.

Such an approach in composing types of accounts, hidden spreads, a leverage of 1:400, and the absence of a demo are classic signs of an unsafe broker. Even an Islamic type of account is missing, and protection from a negative balance is available only on the VIP tariff.

  • Zero fees.
  • The spread size is specified only on the first tariff.
  • The company lies about the NDD business model, as in fact, it is 100% B-book.
  • High minimum deposit.

Market Analysis and Education With Powerstox.com

The company can boast the presence of additional options, but they are too scant. Clients can use market hours and contract expiration dates to plan their trading properly. An economic calendar is also available.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

Apparently, PowerStox does not take commissions for depositing and withdrawing funds. The site displays logos of Visa/Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Western Union, and MoneyGram, so these seem to be the supported methods of money transfer. In the site’s footer, we also found a Bitcoin logo. In general, it’s not entirely clear how money can be transferred. Also, it is unknown how long it will take to process withdrawal requests.

Features PowerStox PBA Group Forexeze
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments ✔️ ✔️
Crypto Transfers ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee

How Can I Contact It?

Despite the mentions of online chat, it seems more like a form for a callback request. We left a message to find out how to register an account, and the system indicated that we would receive a response soon, but it is not an online conversation.

Furthermore, PowerStox lists an email address and a phone number. Checking them gave us nothing. Another suspicious aspect is social networks, which do not exist, but their logos are attached to the site.

  • Email and phone number are available.
  • No social media accounts are available despite having their logos on the website.
Kevin Berry
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Expert Opinion

The project appears too suspicious and dubious. It’s evident that the platform belongs to fraudulent brokers, as we’ve encountered similar sites more than once, and all of them turned out to be dishonest and illegal. The trading conditions look exactly like any company engaged in fraud. Moreover, we noticed that the organization lies a lot, for example, about its business model. So, it’s better not to risk your money and find a safer place for trading.

Is PowerStox Dangerous?

Although we are almost 100% sure that this is a fraudulent broker, we will still check the important aspects of its activity to make a final conclusion. Next, let’s see how long the platform has existed and what its legitimate status is.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

Unfortunately, the foundation date is not specified on the official website, which is a negative factor. However, we can approximately understand when the platform was launched thanks to the domain registration date. A special whois service allows us to find out the domain registration date, and it happened in September 2023, not so long ago. Based on this, we can conclude that the firm has existed for less than a year, which is too little.


How Is PowerStox Regulated?

Another important point is regulation. Trading is only possible with brokers which own licenses. Moreover, the more licenses, the better. However, our review subject has no regulation. We even checked the legal entity in SVGFSA, as the jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is listed as the office address. Such an organization was not found.

PowerStox - SVGFSA

Features PowerStox SWP Trading ApexProfits
European Zone
Asian Zone
American Zone
African Zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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2 reviews about PowerStox

Ripple March 19, 2024 - 20:07
Another scambroker
The level of trust

It is plain fraud where you will lose all your money. Powerstox is a fake broker, its task is to scam money from trusting traders and investors. There is no real liquidity here, only fake, so scammers can “draw” any charts they want. The legal address is also fictional. As an experienced trader, I strongly advise trading only with safe companies that have over 10-15 years of experience and have obtained regulation.

Edgar Russell April 4, 2024 - 11:52
Better not take any chances, it looks bad
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

I don’t think such a broker is suitable for trading. First, the minimum deposit is very high, and at the same time, you cannot try the service on a demo account. Second, it’s unclear what the spreads are; they are only indicated for the first type of account but not for the others. Third, the lack of regulation means a 100% risk of losing funds at any time due to the company’s fault.
Therefore, I recommend ignoring such a firm, it’s a potential fraud and fake.


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