Equiity Review | Solid Spreads and Modern Trading Tools or a Scam?

by Kevin Berry
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Here we have the popular broker Equiity, offering to start trading many financial assets on its advanced and modern platform. The company is officially registered in Mauritius, where it also obtained a license to operate from the regulator. Also, an additional office has been opened in Cyprus, and technical support is available in 7 languages. The global presence and experience are immediately apparent. Still, how profitable is it to trade here? What advantages and opportunities open up for traders? What is special about the platform? Let’s find out.


🏛️ Country Mauritius, Cyprus
⚠️ Regulation MFSC
🖥️ Website https://www.equiity.com/
🎲 Demo Account Yes
⏳ Start Time 2022
💲 Minimum Deposit $250
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage 1:200
⚙️ Trading Platform Match-Trade
📨 E-mail support@equiity.com
📞 Phone +41265087335, +97145429107

First Impression of Equiity.com

The official website of Equiity serves as an introductory gateway to the company’s conditions and activities, offering a strategic overview that focuses on key aspects of its operation. The top panel, designed with standard usability in mind, efficiently guides visitors through various aspects of the company’s offerings:

  • About us.
  • Markets.
  • Trading platform.
  • Account types.
  • Legal documents.
  • Contacts.

Equiity - site

The Equiity website stands out for its distinctive design and layout, eschewing the common template approach for a more personalized touch of uniqueness. The footer of the website thoughtfully includes legal addresses and a standard warning about risks, underscoring the company’s commitment to transparency and ethical practice.

The company did not skimp and created a truly high-quality resource, filled with useful and quality information. Visitors can learn everything: trading conditions, platform, facts about the broker’s activities, and much more. So, Equiity can only be commended for its professionalism.

Partnership and Bonuses

Clients can receive bonuses for deposit replenishment. Equiity sets the following conditions for its users: for every $1,000 in bonuses, one needs to complete a trading turnover of 200 lots. These are typical and normal conditions for bonus promotions. Therefore, we recommend first assessing your own capabilities, as well as additionally consulting with managers, and only after that making a decision on receiving bonuses.

Account Opening on Equiity.com

Before studying the interface of the personal cabinet and platform, you need to register. The first stage of registration in Equiity includes providing your name, contacts, and password, and agreeing to the terms of all legal documents. The second stage is adding information about your address of residence and date of birth. Next, you need to answer 12 questions about income, capital in USD, the main source of income, education, goals, and trading experience in the financial markets. The fourth step involves immediately depositing funds, but this can be postponed. And finally, identity verification.


After all the steps, the client portal of Equiity opens, which includes the trading platform. You can immediately start testing the service on a demo account with a virtual 10,000 euros. This feature allows both new and experienced traders to explore the platform’s functionalities, experiment with trading strategies, and gain confidence before committing real funds.

The account management panel is located to the left of the terminal. Users can view current accounts and their balances, deposit and withdraw money, upload documents for KYC, submit requests to technical support, download statements, and edit personal data.

Simplicity and convenience are the main advantages of the broker. It’s obvious that the firm understands how important it is to provide a user-friendly client portal and clear navigation so that clients can feel comfortable and secure. Moreover, the lengthy registration process demonstrates Equiity’s commitment to serious collaboration. This also characterizes the intermediary as professional and reputable.


Verification is a mandatory process, and if it is skipped at the time of registration, the broker recommends not doing so, but uploading documents for KYC immediately. Equiity requires two types of documents: proof of identity and address of residence. In addition, you need to provide confirmation of a bank card if it is used for money transfer.


Mandatory identity verification is a testament to Equiity’s unwavering commitment to adhering to stringent regulatory standards, ensuring a secure and compliant trading environment. The requirement for clients to submit documents containing personal data is not an arbitrary measure but a critical compliance step mandated by financial regulators.

By enforcing this protocol, Equiity not only aligns with the legal expectations set forth by these authorities but also reinforces the trust and safety of its trading platform.

  • It is convenient to upload documents.
  • Mandatory KYC.
  • None.

Trading Software

The trading platform at Equiity is available as a WebTrader, but the terminal can also be downloaded to a computer. Those who prefer to execute trades on a mobile phone can appreciate the mobile platform, adapted for all browsers on Android/iOS smartphones. Also, clients can use the main tools and options:

  • Pending orders, including stop-losses and take-profits.
  • Analytical tools: lines, levels, indicators, and other graphic elements.
  • News feed and top movers.
  • Several types of timeframes.


According to reviews, the platform operates stably and without interruptions. Equiity understands how important the technical stability of the terminal is, so that traders do not face lags, slippage, requotes, and other problems during operation.

The set of instruments and options is standard and at the same time diverse. With their help, users can build various trading strategies, creating their own unique advantage in the market, and thus, making a profit.

Features Equiity Exton Global Fidelis Wealth Management
Demo Account ✔️
Mobile App
Own Development

How Can I Trade With Equiity?

The firm offers trading in a wide range of assets: commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex (minors, majors, and exotic pairs), indices, metals, and stocks (Europe, UK, and USA).

All Info About Accounts

Equiity has developed 3 types of accounts, which differ in swaps and spreads:

  1. Silver. Spreads from 2.5 pips, qualified technical support, leverage up to 1:200, and account currency USD/EUR.
  2. Gold. Additionally, there are services of a personal manager, webinars, and educational videos. Discount on swaps and spreads of 25%. The rest of the conditions are the same.
  3. Platinum. Spreads and swaps are twice as beneficial as in “Gold”, and there are also news alerts.

Account types

You can start trading with $250, which is the minimum threshold for the first deposit. To increase trading volumes, Equiity offers the use of leverage. It is up to 1:200 for currency pairs, and lower for other asset classes, as they have higher volatility compared to Forex, therefore, they are more dangerous if using additional leverage. So the firm understands all the risks and restricts traders from them.

The minimum transaction volume in Equiity is 0.01 lots, which allows managing risks by entering a position with a small volume. The stop-out level is 5%, and the margin call is not indicated. Clients can also activate the swap-free function, in other words, open an Islamic account.

The trading conditions can be described as favorable and client-oriented. Do you want to test strategies without the risk of losing money? Welcome to the demo account. Need an Islamic account? Such an option is offered. Don’t want to risk large sums and trade with small volumes? The minimum lot of 0.01 is specially created for this. Have significant experience and accept all the risks, but lack substantial capital? Then you can use leverage.

  • There is a specification of instruments with current spreads.
  • Islamic account and demo.
  • Not found.

Market Analysis and Education With Equiity.com

Assistance from a personal manager, webinars, educational articles, and a support hub – all these are aimed at helping clients, especially beginners who need such a service. Naturally, Equiity understands this perfectly, therefore it meets the need for educational content and service. Moreover, the company provides useful information and analytics in its social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Fees

By default, the firm offers to deposit funds using a bank card. However, traders can also use bank wire transfers and electronic wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller. Equiity does not charge a commission for the deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Features Equiity Neotrades National Trade Center
Debit/Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electronic Payments ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Crypto Transfers ✔️ ✔️
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee ✔️

How Can I Contact It?

Equiity managers are available in various ways: phone, email, and online chat. In the online chat, responses are fast, within 1 minute, although it is indicated that the average response time is 7 minutes. Looking at the listed phone numbers, one can conclude the geography of clients – the Middle East, as numbers from the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are listed, and Switzerland is also included in this list.

In addition, the broker has accounts on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are few subscribers there, but the content is published regularly.

The diverse contact details provided by Equiity clearly illustrate the firm’s position as a global brokerage organization. By facilitating communication through multiple channels, the firm ensures that clients from almost any part of the globe can easily get in touch, receive assistance, and engage with their services.

  • 7 phone numbers are listed and there are accounts on social networks.
  • Responses in online chat are fast.
  • Not found.

Is Equiity Dangerous?

Now we move on to the concluding part of our review. So, at this point, we can say that the company offers interesting opportunities and quite adequate trading conditions, as well as a modern platform and excellent support. Next, we will examine Equiity’s experience in the financial markets and its legitimate status.

How Long Does The Broker Work?

The operational tenure of a company is indeed a critical indicator of its reliability and expertise. Equiity’s substantial period of operation within the brokerage service industry rightfully positions it as an experienced intermediary. This extensive experience has equipped the firm with a profound understanding of traders’ needs, preferences, and challenges.

Equiity’s seasoned background is a testament to its dedication to excellence and its ability to offer tailored solutions that resonate with the requirements of traders at all levels.


How Is Equiity Regulated?

The official website specifies the legal entity that owns the platform, MRL Investments, registered in Mauritius and holding a license from the MFSC. Indeed, checking the MFSC registry confirmed that such a company operates legally. Thus, Equiity is under the control of the financial commission, which means a high level of security.

Equiity - MFSC

Moreover, let’s remember the mandatory identity verification, which is a direct signal that the broker complies with regulatory requirements. It’s also worth noting Equiity’s effort to first warn its clients about the risks and then limit them, especially for beginners who do not fully understand how leverage works. Therefore, we see constant warnings about risks, limitations on maximum leverage, and 0.01 lots as the minimum volume.

Features Equiity Mitrade LumineTrade
European Zone
Asian Zone ✔️
American Zone
African Zone
Offshore ✔️ ✔️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Trade With Equiity?

First, you need to go through a lengthy registration procedure, where you need to provide personal data, create a password, answer 12 questions, deposit funds, and upload documents for KYC. You can opt out of depositing funds and verification, leaving them for later. You can also try the service on a free demo account.

Is Equiity Legit?

The broker is registered in Mauritius, where it is regulated by the MFSC. So the company's activities are conducted officially and legally, and under the control of the financial commission.

How Risky Is It?

Equiity tirelessly warns about the risks of margin trading. We also want to caution all users and remind them that more than 74% of traders lose their money in the financial markets. This matter requires a prepared approach and an understanding of all the risks.
Kevin Berry
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Expert Opinion

A good place for starting to earn money in the Forex/CFD market. Equiity has shown and established itself as an experienced and client-oriented brokerage intermediary. The comfortable service and the firm’s management’s understanding of what to provide their clients for stable trading success are immediately felt. The entire set of services and opportunities is available on this platform. However, one must not forget about the risks. Remember, the use of leverage increases not only potential income but also risk.

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The level of trust
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2 reviews about Equiity

Jack Foreign December 17, 2023 - 19:48
It's a safe place to trade
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

The company completely changed my approach and attitude towards trading. I stopped engaging in gambling, and now, instead, I work steadily and seriously on Forex. Yes, I work because, for me, trading is a job where I earn money. And since Equiity is a safe intermediary, I absolutely do not worry about the safety of my funds. I understand perfectly that at any moment I can submit a request to withdraw funds, and within a short period, I will receive approval, and then the money will be credited to my balance.

JANGO February 5, 2024 - 16:13
Thanks to the company for the quality service.
The level of trust
Quick withdrawal of funds
Efficiency of technical support

Many thanks to the broker. They gave me everything: education, support, excellent conditions, and the opportunity to be financially independent. Although I’m not yet earning millions, or even thousands, just hundreds of dollars, I already understand that soon I will be engaging in full-time trading, meaning I’ll quit my job. Last month I was able to earn more than $600, while my salary is just $1,000. Soon I’ll surpass my salary and will be quitting to trade on equiity.com.


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